Britney Spears becomes the most followed on Google+, after pushing back Larry Page


Britney Spears on Thursday No.1 most followed in Google + and CEO Larry page where No.2

The pop queen now boasts 740,384 followers

Google CEO boasts 739.950 Followers

Google+ took a big step toward being a more “normal” social network today, as Britney Spears, became the most followed person at Google+
So far, the most popular Google + persons have relates the technology, in particular, at the start of Google+ first position was held by CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (who has never post a single msg on his Google Account +), then CEO of Google, Larry Page(still on 2nd position after britney spear on the top on Google+.)

In contrast, most people went on Facebook and Twitter – social networking more mature – tend to be the same celebrities are in real life, such as musicians and actors.
Britney Spears goes to number one
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