Google adds the Plus 1 feature to Google News

Integration of all things Google into Google+ continues as Google’s +1 feature is now going to be attached to Google news articles. When a reader favours an article read on Google news, that article will then post on that readers circle of friends pages on Google+. Confusing? Yes, a bit, but when explained in terms of other sites it is all quite simple.
Read an article from Google news and click on the +1 preference icon. This is now the equivalent of a Facebook like. The article will then be posted on your Google+ pages and those of your Google Plus friends. This would be the equivalent of a Twitter tweet. All of this is part of a massive cross referencing campaign by Google.
Most people are unaware that the Google+ platform was not thrown together in a college dorm room. It is the result of around a hundred top software engineers working for several years. The deeper aspects of Google+ have not been revealed but we suspect they will slowly but surely amaze us. Many Google antagonists are quick to point out the shortcomings of Plus as well as Google’s past failures at Social Networking. Seldom is Google’s massively successful social site Orkut mentioned.

Google is rapidly integrating TV, Music, and now News into the Google+ platform. A sophisticated chat system has also been created, one which filters by means of Google+ circles. All of these features will soon be available for Android driven handhelds as well. If we find that we are unable to understand and consequently operate all of the latest Google ideas in action, we might want to consider that just because we don’t know what makes the engine run, it doesn’t mean the car won’t drive.

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