Google Stalking – Get over it!!

Prevent Google tracking with Disconnect add-ons for Firefox & Chrome

Whether you are Googling for Rebecca Black or for The Global Greenhouse Report, all your searches are being tracked and taken into account irrespective of you being Black, White or Green. When a user Google’s to find out things on the Web, Google uses the user’s Web searches to create a profile of the user based on the user’s previous searches which happens on all of Google websites such as Google Search, Google Plus or Maps, and also on third party websites which make use of Google Adsense, Analytics or other Google widgets and scripts. Google’s Search History feature, which was switched on as a default option was later renamed Web History to reflect how it has expanded to track what Google users do as they surf the web. For those who consider privacy a top priority this could be a pain to deal with.  

Google Disconnect & NoScript to the Rescuse

Programs have been developed to curtail Google’s untoward stalking so that users who do not want to be tracked can maintain their privacy on the internet by installing these add-on's that disable the tracking.Users of Firefox web browser can do away with the tracking with NoScript add-on or Google Disconnect the disconnect extension for the Google Chrome web browser too. The add-on was created by Brian Kennish, who also built the Facebook Disconnect extension that blocks website communication with Facebook. 

Google Disconnect blocks communication to the Google servers and the Firefox add-on blocks Google scripts like Google Adsense, Analytics and Google+ running on the websites while Google Mail continues to work as before. Being in its basic form, neither does it give a list of the services that it blocks nor any visual indication that the scripts have been blocked. Options to block only select scripts are missing as well. Google Disconnect can be downloaded and installed from the official Mozilla add-on library.


matt wartell said...

So you are using free Google services (blogspot, google fonts, AJAX APIs, etc.) to pimp out your pages, and whore out your readers to Clicksor, track them with revolvemaps, steal the trivial artwork that caps this page.

And you do all that but wanna stick it to the "man" by telling people how to circumvent the very stuff that pays for you your soapbox?

Congratulations, you win the "implodes due to overwhelming self-contradiction" award for the day.

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