Google Plus better than Facebook according to consumers

Google’s 1 year-old social networking site more popular than Facebook with consumers more satisfied, says new survey.

Who cares if Facebook is bigger?

A survey conducted by Foresee finds that consumers are more satisfied with Google Plus than users with Facebook citing the lowest satisfaction rating of Facebook to date.

According to the survey, 61 on a 100 score was obtained by Facebook, down from its 66 score last year and 64 in 2010. Meanwhile, Google Plus or Google+ debuts with a high satisfaction rating of 78 out of 100.

Google Plus was launched last year, and became the first successful social networking service of the search engine giant following Google Buzz and Google Wave flops. To lure customers, Google Plus is a default app in Google’s popular mobile platform, Android.

Meanwhile, Facebook offers its own apps for Android and iPhone, and similar to its native web browser site, customers are not happy with the service. In Google Play Store, Android’s application market place, Facebook scores three and a half star general rating with a popular comment saying that the app “is confusing and worthless.”

Meanwhile, Google’s social network shows strength in mobile. According to Google’s SVP for Engineering, Vic Gundotra, more users access Google Plus using their mobile devices. Last month, the search giant launched a new app for the iPhone, iPad and a slew of Android devices.

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Ben Hills said...

I probably care that FaceBook is bigger. Now, don't get my wrong - I hate FaceBook at least from an interface point of view; it's slow, clunky and very cluttered and the mobile app is no better. The problem is I have a lot of people on FaceBook I still wish to communicate with and no matter how hard I try I either fail to persuade them to try Google Plus or I get "What the hell is Google Plus?!" *sigh*

In my opinion Google Plus is far superior and I the statistics you've shown don't surprise me. Google Plus is a joy to use and despite my frustrations getting my FB friends to at least try it I am finding Google Plus activity increasing all the time - I certainly spend more time on there than is probably healthy. I am just looking forward to the day when I can leave FaceBook behind......

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