Google I/O 2012: 10 Things Developers Can Expect at the Show

When tickets for Google I/O went on sale March 27, they sold out within minutes. This shows that developers are extremely excited to find out what the future holds for Google’s many platforms, including Android and Chrome.

When the Goolge I/O conference first started, the company had an exceedingly difficult time getting developers to join the event. It appeared that they wanted to see how it would go before they would commit. But in 2011, the event’s tickets sold out in no time. And this year, they hit a new sell-out record, exhausting the supply of tickets in just 20 minutes. The excitement surrounding the I/O Conference has hit a tipping point.
Google plans to hold the event on June 27 during a three-day period. Google hasn’t said what it will discuss, but the event is usually a good way to learn about the future of Google’s many services, including Android, Chrome, and even Google TV. In other words, it’s a major event that just about anyone who cares about the Google developer world will want to learn more about.

Realizing that this has become a must-see event, it’s time to look at some of the possible developments and announcements to expect at Google I/O 2012.

1. Android stats galore

Google is very much like Apple in that it likes to talk about mobile statistics as often as possible. So, at Google I/O, expect the search giant to take the stage and discuss everything from daily Android activations to devices sold worldwide. Providing Android stats is a key component in making Apple look bad.

2. A new Android version

In the past, Google has used Google I/O to discuss the latest and greatest Android flavors. At this year’s event, expect the same. After all, Google I/O is the place where the search giant has all the attention of media outlets and developers. Why wouldn’t it discuss the future of Android?

3. A new Chrome OS

Remember Chrome OS? It’s the operating system that was supposed to take on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Well, it’s still available and still running on Chromebooks, but it’s been largely ignored. At Google I/O, expect the search company to bring it back to the forefront and discuss how it might be used in the coming years.

4. Android Market developer discussions

One of the central elements of Android’s success has been its ability to attract developers. And the fact that Google I/O sold out in just 20 minutes shows how excited developers are to create apps for the company’s operating systems. So, expect lots of discussions on apps and the Android Market, as a whole.

5. Security will take center stage

Security is undoubtedly the biggest issue facing Android right now. And Google knows it. So, at Google I/O, expect the search giant to discuss security and the ways in which it plans to safeguard its many operating systems. To neglect security would be a huge mistake on Google’s part.

6. The future of Google TV

At Google I/O 2011, Google TV made a comeback, as the search company discussed how it would attempt to appeal to customers in the living room. Since then, however, Google TV has been all but ignored, making some wonder if it should be discontinued. With rumors of Apple launching a television this year, however, discontinuing Google TV seems unlikely, making it increasingly likely the platform will be on display at Google I/O.

7. Expect search to play a role

It wouldn’t be a Google-related event if the search company didn’t discuss, well, search. From Android to Chrome OS to Google TV, search plays a crucial role in all the services that might take center stage at Google I/O. Google would be remiss to not discuss it.

8. Google+, anyone?

Online services outside of search have become quite important to Google as of late. And more recently, Google+ has arguably become its most important online consideration next to search. Realizing that, expect for Google to discuss its social network and talk up app development for it. As Facebook has proven, social apps can mean big business -- and Google wants a part of that business.

9. A Google-branded smartphone and tablet

Although much of the discussion surrounding Google I/O will relate to development, there’s also a good chance that the search giant will show off a smartphone and tablet under its personally branded Nexus line. The Nexus strategy worked brilliantly in the smartphone space, but Google hasn’t followed the same path in tablets. The time has come for it to do just that. And Google I/O might be the place to do it.

10. An all-out assault on Microsoft

Lastly, expect Google to take aim at Microsoft at the Google I/O Conference. Since its inception, Google has hated everything about Microsoft. Now, the search giant is starting to chip away at Microsoft’s defenses, including Windows. Expect a rather significant chunk of Google I/O to continue that work.

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