Google Maps launches labyrinth game called Cube

Google teased its upcoming Maps game, back in January with a demo video. The game was supposed to be released in February, but it seems Google needed more time. They've quietly released the game now and you can play it online at The game is essentially a tutorial for Google Maps, but some features integrated into it make it an addictive game even if you already know how to use Maps. The game is made up of eight levels, you navigate your marble by using your cursor and your time is recorded when you finish a level. Level 1 has you navigating around Manhattan in New York City, where your objective is to get to your friends at the Brooklyn bowl. Similarly other levels have you navigating through various cities to meet specific objectives. Embedded below is the teaser video from Google.

The game wants you to utlize the various features that Google Maps integrates, so for example, level 2 has you biking around San Francisco and Google wants you to use its bike feature to see which roads are safer for bicyclists. Level 3 has you navigating to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Google wants you to use the traffic feature embedded in Maps. Level 4 has you in London where Google Maps wants you to use its public transport feature, showing you the various lines of the Tube and where they intersect so you can plan your journey. Level 6 and 7 move beyond the navigation features of Google Maps and include the integration of Places in Maps. For instance, in Level 6, you're in Las Vegas and you have to eat at all the 6 reviewed restaurants in as little time as possible. Level 7 has you go through the Mall of America and collect all the Google Offers on each of the four floors.

According to Fusible, Google registered a domain earlier last week called Whois. The site allows you to download the Google Maps Cube game, however, you can still play the game through your browser. Older versions of Firefox are not supported and Google, of course, wants you to play on their own Chrome browser. Have you played the game yet? What's your highest score? Let us know in the comments section below.

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