Google +1 buttons now doling out content recommendations to all

Those little Google +1 buttons you see littered across the web now double as handy indicators that tell you more content you might like — be it apps or articles — is just a click away.

That’s because, Google, as promised, has pushed live an update to the Google +1 button that provides all users, whether they’re signed into Google+ or not, with content recommendations, on mouse-over, unique to the sites they’re browsing.

The recommendations were first released in preview mode at Google’s developer I/O conference two weeks ago. The enhanced buttons serve as gateways to unexplored content on the sites you love, and could go a long way in helping developers and publishers keep audiences engaged on their sites.

The extra plus-one functionality has been automatically appended to all +1 buttons, meaning developers and web publishers needn’t update a single line of code to deliver the content recommendations to their users or readers. Now that’s a plus.

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