Google Plus is a step not the end for Social Media as Google drives technology forward

BRISBANE 30 September 2011. Businesses should adopt Google Plus. Google became a search company when the intuitive founders decided that the search engine giants that existed 13 years ago could have done better. Google has become the best search engine and it got that way because complacent search company management let them. Alta Vista was huge. Today Alta Vista is relatively insignificant. Google found a way to do search better. 

Fast forward 13 years and Google is now way beyond search. It is a technology company. It has bought Motorola, Android, and many other small high tech businesses just to acquire their intellectual property. It is harvesting technology to use in its vision. Google should not be thought of as just a company. It is really a collection of people working behind three leaders who have decided that Google will become renowned for "trust" and "innovation" ( Larry Page Zeitgeist Americas 2011 ).

Google is pushing technology forward as a part of its company mission statement which includes using technology to " Change the World ". To make it better " ( Larry Page Zeitgeist Americas 2011 )

As a part of its vision, Google has created ( after some false starts which proved helpful in getting the model right ) Google Plus. It is not the end product. It is a stepping stone on the path to " making the World better ". Specifically, it is Google way of integrating or assembling Google's acquired and created technology to permit "Social Interaction"

Facebook is a social interaction tool. Twitter is a similar tool but like Facebook, it is limited in what it can do.

Google has created Google Plus to use equipment, technology and capability to allow human beings to conduct parts of their lives more easily and effectively. Using a mobile phone ( Android preferred ! ) or a computer, people can now pay bills online using Google Wallet and talk to groups of people simultaneously on real time video with Google Plus. You can't do that on Skype or Facebook and certainly not Twitter. The high tech communications on television shows like NCIS are now available to everyone who uses Google Plus.

Larry Page spoke this week about how Google has a "healthy disregard for the impossible". Most businesses do not have the human resources, patents and cash to spend time trying to do the impossible. Google does. Google Plus is one of the products that some thought impossible. It is here now and open for personal profiles with business profiles under development. 

This article is primarily to let people know that Google has big plans for Google Plus and everyone in business or as a person should start to plan how to use the stunning range of tools that Google has provided. ( At the time of writing Google Plus business profiles are not allowed but they are coming and in the meantime personal ones on behalf of a business are permitted ). A business can use Google Plus as a personal account if it is in the name of a real person. ( Google insists that people use their true identity )

The place to start is to plan how to create "circles". Circles could also be termed "boxes". Which box should you put people in. A person will probably have family issues that will only be sent to family members and not the family dog washer. A person will have school friends, work colleagues, girl friends, boyfriends ( or both ) and want to ensure that messages intended for one class of contacts are restricted to them. Circles on Google Plus makes that happen smoothly.

A business using Google Plus will have different "circles" and these could include staff, sales force members, suppliers, customers, government departments and any number of other categories of people they interact with. Google Plus for business will allow private communication with each group or member of a google circle".

A good starting point is to plan on paper what groups or categories are required and when ready these can be set up in the default profile range supplied by Google Plus. Think of the default circles as the starting point.

Get ready for Google Plus for business. Try really hard to get a good brandable gmail account name... something better than "personayyxvi875"   Then consider visiting convert the numerical name Google gives a profile to a brand able name that can be easily remembered.

Google does not know what is impossible and Google Plus is or will be vital for business communications. You could reach anyone anytime using office, home or base communications routed through Google Plus.

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