Google Plus One Button Plugin Proving A Major Success

With the recent addition of the Google Plus one button, developers have jumped on the bandwagon looking for ways to optimise website exposure with this new metric.

It is a well known fact that Google with be adapting their algorithm to take into account the Google plus one button into their search metrics for the SERPs. The big question is how webmasters can and marketers alike benefit most from this?

A software development company have come up with a solution albeit for webmasters who use Wordpress as their content management system. They have produced a Google plus one plugin which makes the job of getting your site liked by the masses that much easier.

The Google plus one button plugin works by inserting the button straight into your content and you can only access the content if you "Google plus one it." This is rather a innovative way to get a natural amount of plus ones for popular content, and do not worry it fully complies with Google's TOS.

This gives your website more trust and credibility in Google's eyes thus better rankings in the long-term. The more +1's you get the more traffic you will generate.

The Google plus one button is here to stay so webmasters need to make the most of it now as research suggests that many marketeers are not utilising this metric, if you can get a head start then you will be miles ahead in terms of rankings and trust from Google. This plugin also has the ability to gain more natural links to your site as you will naturally get more people linking to your content.

An up and coming SEO agency covering London stated "We have been using this plugin since its inception on many of our clients websites and they have experienced tremendous results so far, in terms of ROI this is a must have in our opinion and would recommend it to clients if they are using it SEO purposes as the SERPs is all about interlinking SEO and social media successfully, not enough people have gotten used to that yet. To run a successful campaign you need to show the search engines that users are interested in you from a social media perspective, not just from onsite SEO and linkbuilding. By using this plugin as an overall strategy it is invaluable, the only downfall is that it is not available on all content management systems. 

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