New Google Plus features to be launched soon

New Google Plus features are set to be launched soon to make it enticing for users. With over 40 million users in a month, Google+ has becoimne a hot property.

At the Web 2.0 Summit held in San Francisco, Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president of engineering and Sergey Brin appeared on stage.
Talking about the wide and instant popularity of Google+, Gundotra said, “Not bad for a first month. It exceeded our wildest expectations.
Brin and Gundotra informed that since freeing Google+ from the smartphone, more than 3.4 billion photos have been uploaded to Google+.
Gundotra also announced that Google+ would be tyied to other apps within a few days now. Soon after brand pages would be seen and with Christmas a more coherent Google+ strategy would be in order..
Brin, intimately involved in the design of Google+, gushed, “I’m not a very social person myself; I have spent time on social networks, Friendster, or Orkut… or Facebook or Twitter. I haven’t been active on many of them. Google+ instantly felt compelling.”
Backing Brin, Gundotra added, “There is a reason that every thought in your head does not come out your mouth.”
Gundotra stressed that since most users are on Google, they would eventually find clicking on the icon just on the right easier than opening the Facebook page.
Brin added, “I completely agree with you that some of our products and services seem scattered over the past few years. In some ways we’ve always run the company in letting a thousand flowers bloom. But once they do bloom, you want to pay together a coherent bouquet.”

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