Chinese 'hacks' Barack Obama's Google Plus account

Beijing, Feb 27: It seems that China has "hacked" the Google Plus web page of US President Barack Obama. Don't be surprised. Chinese has not hacked the entire page, but the comment box of the page.

Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Google Inc.’s social networking service received many comments of Chinese people as China removed long-standing blocks on Google.

Media reports say that most of the comments seemed purely for fun; some asked for green cards. Many were overtly political, calling for the end of Communist Party rule and the freeing of a blind legal advocate, Chen Guangcheng, held captive in his home. “Mr. President, we want American freedom,” said a posting under the name Zhang Mian.

Another comment under the name of Wenbin Shang says, "We have no chance to occupy our president Hu. He hates internet and has no account on any sns website, so we can just occupy Obama, forgive us ..."

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