Google your way to success!

If you are a woman venturing out to prove your business skills and tap the potential of the internet, then just relax. It’s time to ‘Google’ your way, as Google Inc has just launched Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEOW) programme in India, as a targeted business diversity programme for women entrepreneurs.

The WEOW programme aims to help women-owned businesses grow their online presence. The pilot programme, which is launched in India, will provide women entrepreneurs support on using various web-based technologies in their day-to-day business, while increasing their outreach to their customer base.

The programme is a five-circle approach designed specially to cater to women entrepreneurs with varied degrees of online presence and expertise. The programme starts with building an online presence and moves towards collaborating effectively, connecting with customers, promoting their organisations to then tracking and optimising their online presence. Women entrepreneurs at varied stages and can enter this programme through any of these circles.

Yolanda Mangolini, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Google, said that the large number of women entrepreneurs in India made it a natural decision for the company to pilot this initiative in the country. “When we came up with this idea, we started by speaking to a large number of women entrepreneurs across various demographics and with organisations that work with women entrepreneurs. 

We soon realised that they were true entrepreneurs and clearly not afraid to try new things, yet many were unaware of various products that can be used to leverage the full potential of the internet, including some Google products and services, such as Google+, AdWords and Apps for Enterprise,” said Mangolini.

“In fact, many of them didn’t even have an online presence. This led us to crystallising the idea into a programme to increase the reach of technology with this community,” Mangolini added.

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