Google says 850K Android devices activated each day

Summary : Google's Android chief drops the statistic via his Google+ page during a walk through the Mobile World Congress show.

The momentum for Android continues to build, with 850,000 devices getting activated each day. That's according to Android chief Andy Rubin, who unveiled the statistic on his Google+ page today. Like most other major wireless players, he was in attendance at Mobile World Congress, the world's largest wireless confab.

"Walking around Mobile World Congress and seeing the Android ecosystem at work is quite impressive," Rubin said.

He also dished on a few other impressive stats, including activating a total of 300 million Android phones and boasting of more than 450,000 applications on the Android market.

In December, the Rubin said that 700,000 Android phones and tablets were getting activated each day, a hop from the 550,000 users logging on to Android just a month earlier. In November, the company said 200 million Android devices had been sold. The company only counts each device once, meaning re-activations don't figure into its calculations.

The conference, which officially kicked off today, has already seen a number of impressive Android smartphones debut, including the HTC One series of smartphones, as well as LG's Optimus 4X HD.

Many of the phones feature Android's latest iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich.

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