Take Photos With Your Eyes Using Google’s Project Glass

Google revealed its newest idea for mobile photography for the Project Glass eyewear concept. At the company’s company’s Google+ Photographer’s Conference last week, tech lead Max Braun talked about how the company incorporated photography technology into these augmented reality glasses:

We see glass as an evolution of cell phone photography. It’s the next step of the camera that’s always with you. It’s not meant to replace your professional camera anytime soon [...] We think that photography in Glass is going to open up a whole range of pictures that would not have been possible otherwise.

Although still unclear on how exactly this photo-taking technology will work in Project Glass, Google’s example photos show users enabling the camera function while their hands were occupied, indicating that the device would have a hands-free mechanism. In addition, it is rumored that the camera will have wide angle lens, which attempts to mimic the user’s actual point of view. Incorporating Google’s heads up display (HUD) technology that will enable users to view augmented people and objects anytime, anywhere, the glasses will work in conjunction with Android smartphones or tablet devices. Check out a video of Google’s Project Glass camera functions in action below.

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