Google revamps search app for iPhone‎

Google has released a major update for its search app for iPhone users, bringing it closer to the iPad app. The update brings visual as well as performance improvements to Google Search app including faster results, full-screen image search, and one stop to access all your Google apps in one place.

Company has also issued an update for their existing iPad app, which now allows users to save images to their camera roll.

Google Search for iPhone 2.0

The iPhone app has been redesigned and now includes an updated start screen with search box at the centre. Additionally, there are links to sign-in, access Google apps, voice search and Google Goggles on the start screen. It also houses a shortcut for settings as well as an icon to switch between search results and start screen anytime.

Users can now search by typing or using the voice search or Goggles shortcuts, both of which work as expected.

The search results page has also been revamped. Results are now shown in full screen and you can swipe between search results and results webpages.

Users can change the search type using the links given at the bottom, from everything to images and more.

Similar to the web results, the image results are also now shown in full-screen.

The new apps tab on the start page, gives access to Google apps on the web or iPhone.

Here is the full changelog
  • Complete redesign
  • Major speed improvements
  • Auto full screen: scroll down to hide controls, scroll up to reveal
  • Beautiful full-screen image search
  • Swipe away webpages to quickly return to search results
  • Search within a webpage using the built-in text finder
  • Easily switch between images, places, news, and more
  • Fast access to Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more all from one place

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