LinkedIn CEO: Do We Have Time For Google+

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently stated that he believes no one really has time for another social network, after already engaging with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can see the video of the full discussion below (volume is a bit on the low side).

Currently the social media landscape is divided primarily between Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Between these three, Facebook is focusing more on our personal lives, LinkedIn on our professional lives, and Twitter in between. Visually this looks something like this.

So where does Google+ fit in? At this point it’s hard to say because it’s still early and Google+ is still being developed. Even so, it seems to fall right in the middle of the graph, trying to become a part of both the professional and personal aspects of our lives.

Now going back to Weiner’s question, do we have enough time to integrate Google+ into our lives? He does not seem entirely convinced, but then again he is talking about a new competitor for LinkedIn. From my perspective, I do think Google+ can be integrated into our social lives quite easily, primarily because of Google Talk and Gmail. I’m almost always on Gmail for both my e-mail and because I use Gtalk as my primary instant messenger. Google+ has already integrated Gtalk, and once it does the same with Gmail, I see no reason why I wouldn’t be on Google+ more frequently than any other social network.
Overall, the addition of Google+ may come at the expense of another network, as the social media scene is starting to get a bit crowded, but only time will tell. For now we know that Google+ is growing rapidly, but the question now becomes can it sustain and maintain that growth. What do you think?

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