If Google’s Own CEO Won’t Use Google+ Then Who Will?

[Google CEO Larry Page Hasn't Updated His Own Google Plus Page In Over A Month]

What is it these days and the apparent non-loyalty to leaders’ own brands? We heard not that long ago about a picture taken of a Google chairman using a BlackBerry phone. That’s a chairman of the company that owns Android. Seriously. Now most recently we are noticing that Google’s own CEO hasn’t used his Google+ account for a month now.

We have to give him a lttle space here because there is the possibility that he’s been busily using it privately within his circles. Another excuse could be that he’s too busy taking over the world. OK, seriously now, maybe he’s just a busy man. It’s true that Google has like a ton of services and that the CEO can’t be the most active user on every single one.

However, you’d think he’d make a point to make sure this new social network they are pushing so hard looks as if it’s being used, a little. Common man, let’s rally!

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