Google+ adds circle volume slider; updates notifications, photos and pages

Google rolled out a few major improvements to its social networking site G+. The new updates include a more illustrated notification bar, Some of these were on nearly everyone’s wishlist... and some we hope will be welcome surprises. These features will be rolling out over the next couple of days, and we hope you’ll find them useful this holiday season and beyond,” says Google in its blog post.

One of the new updates allows users to control the volume of the main news feed. The update lets users manage the flow of feeds into the “circles”. Google has incorporated fine-grained controls that will enable users to “graphic-equalise” and fine-tune the stream. With a slider, users can manage how posts from a particular circle should be featured into the main stream. The volume feature seems similar to Facebook's subscribe feature which allows users to adjust volume of posts from a certain user into the main news feed. Check out a video demo of how the new volume slider works:

Another major update includes a more detailed Google notification bar. The polished notification bar comes with improvements too, including the ability to see the +1’s and shares your posts have received since you last checked.

Google has also rolled out updates to the newly launched Google+ Pages. As many as 50 named managers can be delegated for administrators for a Google+ Page. Also, a new notification flow has been added to ensure that managers are aware of the activities taking place on a page.

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