Google Let it Snow; New Easter Egg Leaves a Winter Wonderland

Go ahead and google let it snow. You know how, open up google's search page and type in, let it snow without any quotation marks.
What may seem to be normal search results will eventually be whited out by virtual snow! How cool? Just for fun and a little extra holiday spirit Google has what they call a new Easter Egg, making December and the winter a little more enjoyable.
If your screen becomes too white, just click the blue rectangle shaped button for defrost, and your screen will seem to virtually defrost, while the snowflakes keep falling in the background. Like the white out effect? Click your mouse then hold it down to erase areas of snow without deleting it all.
Another fun term to google is Hanukkah. Along the top of the search results will apppear....well just try it! You will like it, whether Jewish or not!
With recent success behind Google+ and popular Google Doodles, looks like the internet search engine can be a lot of fun. Reminding us to enjoy the holidays, Gmail is even giving out free calls from Santa! No strings attached.
Whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim everyone can enjoy a little snow as long as we do not have to shovel! Just google let it snow and enjoy the tranquil site of falling snowflakes without the mess.

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