Google+ Gets No. 3 Position Amongst Major Social Networking Hubs

While Facebook is the untouched star of social networking sites, Google+ seems to follow in close proximity with its No. 2 contender site in 2011.

Google+ has more than just the mega search engine advantage but also equal backup from other Google products like the Youtube when it comes to interconnecting these popular online 'hangouts' globally. It is just about 7 months since its release that Google+ has received heavy reviews and even some negative ones that once said that it would not make it huge in the already competitive social media arena. However, Google+ has now proved it wrong and essentially hit a global number of 150 milllion users recorded this December. At this pace, there is no denying that it would leave back the chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo that occupies the second place currently amongst social networking websites and become the 2nd largest and most popular social networking hub itself. Besides, Google+ Hangouts feature is slowly catching in eyeballs from professional webmasters as well as novice users of the site that offers video conferencing features for members of this site. Also, your favorite YouTube is interconnected with Google+ as it is quite apparent for the site users. 

Google+ promotions is a big deal when it comes to businesses as well, as Google has clearly sorted the use of Google+ circles and other prominent features beneficial to grow online business networks and maintain cordial customer relationships. 

GlobalWebIndex gives a 8 point overview of this graphical evidence of Google+'s popularity.

While Social Network big players like Facebook lacks just the search engine advantage (which on second thoughts must not be underestimated as 'just' the search engine advantage) it still seems to reign high in the users list. However, Google+ is like a celebrity child that is born with the user preference advantage that is to land it on the sure ladder (or more aptly escalator) of success in the not so far future. 

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Rosaita said...

I like your page, it's neat. :)
Google plus is just arrived, as more people give it a chance, Sina Weibo won't stay long on its 2nd place.

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