Google Plus comparison with Facebook

With the launch of Google’s social networking site; Google+ critics have started to compare it with Facebook. Comparison between both these websites is usual, because Google plus has evolved a lot of excitement in its initial stage.

Now, many people are seeing Google plus as a big threat to Facebook, which can snatch the social networking crown from Facebook. On the opposite side, some people think that it’s not going to be easy for Google plus to beat Facebook. In this regard, we will try finding answers to some of the questions that would help us solve this myth:

Can Google+ attract the masses from Facebook?
Most of the Google+ critiques are of the opinion that it is practically a straight replica of Facebook. On the discovery side, it seems an impressive effort. But, it appears just a little too difficult for Google plus to attract users from Facebook, because they are relatively happy with the ongoing services. Many of the Facebook users have concerns regarding privacy. If Google plus manages to cover the missing pieces, then for sure, it can attract users from Facebook too.
Are the Google circles better than the Facebook groups? 
On Facebook, if you would like to be friends with anyone, you just need to send them a friend request and it’s up to them to accept or reject. People are quite used to it. On the other hand, in your Google+ account, anyone can add you into their circles without even taking permission from you. This is something very odd and annoying. That’s the area where Google+ needs to improve. And, if it does improve, it would definitely be a step ahead of Facebook.
Google+ Hangouts are better or Facebook group Video Chat?
Facebook’s video chat only lets you to have one-to-one calls, whereas, Google+ Hangouts allow you to have video chats with maximum 10 people at once. Although, Google plus has a plus point over here, but yet, it doesn’t mean that all users will leave Facebook and have their hands on with Google+ accounts for the sake of video conference calling only.
The vast majority of chat is one-to-one nowadays. Just think about how many times you make phone calls in a week. Now, think about how many times you have conference calls in one week. You have the answer with you.
Can Google+ plus really beat Facebook?
It seems difficult, but not impossible. In 2006, nobody actually thought of Facebook as knocking out MySpace. So, ruling out Google plus as being contender for the next big social networking blockbuster would be useless. However, Google+ really has to come up with solutions that some of other social networks have failed to offer.
Facebook has already received the flair for social networking, while Google+ is just striving for it. Since the beginning, Facebook has it roots in social networking. Google is already into many other things like search, advertising, music, mobile phones, and many others. Google plus could merely be another addition to that list. What do you think about it?

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