Google takes on Foursquare with Schemer‎

Google launches Schemer, an attack against Foursquare
A group of Google engineers has come launched a new website, Schemer, which is said to be an attack against Foursquare - a location-based social networking website.
This new service has been designed to help people discover new things to do, share schemes with friends and help them do fun stuff in the real world.
The site's page says, "Ever wonder what to do? Us too. Schemer can help. Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day. Think you’re up for it? Join Schemer."
According to a technology focused website, The Verge, this new service lets users select activities they are interested in, save them, and let friends know they are interested in doing them. Schemer will track completed schemes, record them in a list of accomplishments, and will eventually recommend new schemes tailored to the user's interests.
The service is currently in beta and hence it is an invite based product for now. The service is said to be first announced on Google+, and was also promoted on Twitter by the Schemer team and product media partners. People, who are interesetd in joining Schemer, can register and add themselves to the waitlist on Schemer's website.
The site website includes a number of partners including Zagat, Bravo, Food Network, National Geographic, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Outside, IGN, TimeOut and others.

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