Google starts graphing

Students and math lovers alike need search no further thanGoogle next time the battery in their graphing calculator dies. 

The search seraph has rolled out its newest feature - graphing functionality - to help share the "magical feeling" of seeing a mathematical function in a graph.

"Now you can plot mathematical functions right on the search result page - just type in a function and you'll see an interactive graph on the top of the search results page," Google Engineer Adi Avidor wrote on the Google blog.

Inside the search engine, users can do everything from convert currency and measurements to translate words, search movie times, check arrival and departure times, or get directions. And with the addition of Google+, Google Music, and graphing functionality, there are few things a user can't do with Google. 

While a simple calculator has been available inside the Google browser for some time, the graphing functionality takes the next - and more complicated - step forward in helping users solve complex math problems without ever sharpening a pencil.

"You can zoom in and out and pan across the plant to explore the function in more detail. You can also draw multiple functions by separating them with commas," Avidor wrote.

"This feature covers an extensive range of single variable functions including trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and their compositions, and is available in modern browsers."

"I hope students and math lovers from around the world find this experience as magical as I found the graphing calculator so long ago." 

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