Gaming On Google Plus

The internet world is all abuzz with news about Google Plus, the popular search engine’s response to Facebook. Users will be able to keep in touch with friends, chat and upload photos like they have on Facebook, but what about gaming?

Social gaming has become one of the most popular uses for Facebook, as many users solely log on to the website to play games like Zynga Poker and Farmville. Developers and potential users are now wondering if Google Plus will be able to support the same capacity for online gaming as Facebook.

As it stands, Google has yet to announce plans to accommodate external applications. As the platform is still being developed, it will remain to be seen how Google plans on implemening gaming into its social networking repetoire. However, according to PCWorld, developers are already eyeing Google Plus features that may be useful for social gaming

For example, Circles are types of groups that allow you to share only specific information with certain friends. Developers believe that this feature will be particularly useful to individuals who participate in MMORPGs online, allowing them to coordinate their activities through existing social networks.
Developers also think that Google Plus will lend itself well to smaller gaming firms that want to get their products noticed. While Zynga and its poker products seemed to have dominated the social media market, there is still room for independent developers on Google Plus and other social networking websites

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