How to Invite People to Google Plus

1. Add all of the email addresses that you would like to invite to your Gmail or Yahoo email account. If you want to invite your Facebook friends, import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo Mail.

2. Go to Google Plus and click on the “Circles” link from the top toolbar.
3. Create a new circle to add your contacts or friends into. I created one called “Google Plus Invites Contacts”. Or if you’re importing from Facebook you could call the new circle “Facebook Friends”.

4. Drag all of the people that you’d like to be added to Google Plus into the new group you just created.

5. Go the the Google Plus “Home” section located in the top navigation bar.
6. Create a new status update and @mention the friends you’d like to invite to Google Plus. They should get an email invitation within the next 30 minutes!

7. Tell your friends the Google Plus invite should be on its way shortly.

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