Google+ Ultimate

(This has just been ported from a simple userscript, it's currently a beta until I work out all the bugs. Keep it updated, there will be lots of features to come :D)

New side by side option! Also can enable scrollable statuses (BOTH EXPERIMENTAL) (For preview)

*Status bar will always be on top, no matter where you are in the page. This way you will always have navigation and statuses available.
*Lots of padding, margins and font changes to make the theme a bit more dense.
*Put the Shared and +1's on the same line. (Shared names were taken out.)
*More contrast. More dense. More better.
*Removed Go Mobile Link
*(optional) Reduces Max Image Size to be more of a Facebook standard Size
*(optional) Floating entire left panel that scrolls with you.
*(optional) Sexy thin scrollbars 
*(optional) Chatbox list set to scroll after specified lenght
*(optional) Move Add To Circles Popup down 30PX instead of directly over the button to avoid accidentally adding people to the wrong circle.

Hope you like it.


***Update Log:

Release Notes for 1.0.5
- Small fix to make nice with other extensions like GTools and others. Was adding additional padding to top navigation before, issue has been resolved.

Release Notes for 1.0.4
- Fixed backwards property in options when using side by side view and scrolling
- Fixed Google changes to the top nav that broke the ultra compact view a little bit.

Release Notes for 1.0.3
- Ported to Chrome Extension
- Put back into beta tag 

Release Notes for 1.0.2
-Added ultra compact navigation for screen widths beyond 1475px
-This feature will auto adjust when the monitor width gets over 1475px
Release Notes for 1.0.1
-Fixed several bugs with 1.0.0
-Added the ability to have fixed height statuses that scroll after a certain point for a more "quick view"
(a little hard to explain, but try out it out to see.)

Release Notes for 1.0.0
-Super awesome side by side viewing for wider displays (EXPERIMENTAL)

Release Notes for 0.9.6
- Fixed position of Invite Button

Release Notes for 0.9.5
-Added option to push the popup for adding people to Circles down 30px to avoid accidentally adding people to the first circle on your list. 

Release Notes for 0.9.4
-Fixed some panels in Settings from going past parent panel.

Release Notes for 0.9.3
-Added option to reduce image sizes in stream. Also changes the layout of sub-album images to be beside main image rather than below.

Release Notes for 0.9.2
-Tiny bug fix

Release Notes for 0.9.1
-Fixes settings page missing background
-Fixes edit profile bug
-Fixes view as other profile bug

Release Notes for 0.9.0
-Fixed Sparks and Circles padding problems
-Added more options to condense your layout and keep data visable.
-Some other small things.

No release notes before this update. Sorry, I was lazy.

***Known Bugs
-When using "j" and "k" to navigate in the stream, it will pull the post up a little to high when using floating left and top panel.
-Experimental side by side view has problems with Sparks and Landing page.

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