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As Google Plus settles down, new problems are cropping up. The service has exceeded 20 million unique users and is counting. 

However, it is finding it tough to verify its users like Twitter does or as comes naturally with Facebook. Last week, after abruptly declaring that people must disclose their real names, and inadvertently sending termination notices to some celebrities and average users alike, Google managed to peeve businesses too. Several business houses had set up Google Plus accounts using consumer logins to have a share of the pie. Google terminated these accounts but Iater, hastily put out a video to explain that business accounts will be introduced soon on Google Plus.

Mozilla gets on the OS bandwagon
Though it might be reading too much into a small announcement, Mozilla's Developer Group has announced that it intends to build a mobile operating system (OS) and if it fructifies, it could take on the likes of Google's Chrome OS that is finding its way into netbooks in the U.S. Code-named Boot to Gecko, the project, as it stands now, is expected to be a web-based OS that will run Apps. The developer who floated the idea in a Mozilla forum said the intention was to end the stranglehold of proprietary technologies on the world of mobile devices.

HP Touchpad gets mixed reviews
Top technology blogs have had first access to HP's Touchpad tablet PC for more than two weeks now and the first batch of reviews has hardly been encouraging. With its launch just behind Motorola Xoom and Blackberry's Playbook, Touchpad was HP's big entry into the booming market. But if the reviews on Engadget and Gizmodo are anything to go by, it looks as if HP may have missed the mark. Touchpad is the first tablet PC that runs Palm's Web OS.

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