Google+ crosses 20 million: Google Plus invite is permanent now

The recent study conducted by ComScore revealed that the number of people on Google+ has passed 20 million. ComScore bases its estimate on a global measurement panel of 2 million users.

In fact Google has not confirmed the numbers, but last week, Google CEO Larry Page said the service had more than 10 million users sharing 1 billion items per day.

ComScore analyst Andrew Lipsman said about the landmark achieved by the Google in a very short span of time, "I've never seen anything grow this quickly. It is definitely the fastest ascent to 20 million visitors that I can think of.”

ComScore also said that Google+ has had 20 million unique visitors since its release late last month, including 5 million from the U.S.

Google launched Google+ late last month not even in beta, letting in only a handful of users, who could later invite their friends and family. Page noted at the time that the service remains in a "field trial" mode, and with "a lot of barriers" to use it right now, but that the company is continuing to expand how many have access to it.

Google's first attempt to come in the social networking site race was launching of Orkut. However it was failed to get the top position as Facebbok was considered as most successful social networking site.
Google tried its luck again with the launch of its Buzz social network, but the service came under fire from users who criticized the service for violating their privacy by automatically making some of their contacts public

Well known research firm ComScore gave out these numbers, which clearly suggest that Google Plus has the potential to go a long way. Not so surprisingly, it has now become the fastest growing social network, a position which was previously held by Twitter for crossing a significant number of activations within just a few months. The main reason for the success of Google Plus would be the hype that it created when it was first shown off. Almost everybody wanted to get into the new social network by having a profile of their own. That being said, it still has room for improvement. Google has mentioned that once the project is up and raring to go, it will be made available to all.

However, the trend hasn't quite caught up in India, where users still favour Facebook and Twitter. The latter actually works as a social network for professionals because it doesn't have many complications. Google Plus is more of a social network to while your time away with, which is similar to Facebook. Therefore, it is generally thought that Google Plus is more of a competitor to Facebook than to Twitter. Facebook on the other hand, is still the top dog with the most number of members and it has been adding new features such as voice and video chat. However, many still feel that the Hangout group video chat feature of Google Plus is still cooler. It is difficult to predict at this point of time as to who will win the social networking war, we will just have to wait and watch.

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