CityVille launches on Google Plus


Google Plus' casual gaming cabinet may not be as fully stocked as the Facebook alternative, but one crucial missing piece of the puzzle has just been filled in: Megalithic social monolith Zynga has ported CityVille, their most popular Facebook game, to Google's fledgling platform.

The release comes shortly after the end of Google Plus' closed beta, and now that its e-doors are open to the public, we doubt this will be the end of Zynga's extra-Facebook expansion. Seeing as the company just posted a 95 percent drop in profit year over year, developing its products beyond its existing user base is a shrewd move.


Salgar, Product Manager at Google+ Games, the developing network is rolling out the ability to add your own comments to game posts in an effort to personalize the experience for each user, while an improved Games stream now has realtime updates and even keyboard shortcuts.

With newer games like Global Warfare from Kabam and CityVille from Zynga now added to Google+, we can only expect that the young social network will continue to grow and iterate on its current features. Judging from the comments it appears that Google+ is also keeping an ear on what the gaming community actually wants, while encouraging feedback from actual social gamers.

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