6 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google will shame you into getting extensions for the Chrome browser you use with a ‘Boo…no extensions installed. Want to browse the gallery instead?’. Because add-ons are all about customizing the web surfing experience and they’re much more useful when each user has a say in the sort of internet experience they want. We’ve already been through Firefox add-ons and it’s time to present our list of the 6 best Google Chrome extensions for those who use the Google browser.

1. AdBlock Plus: Yes, AdBlock Plus has been ported to Chrome with a irreverent ‘Ads were yesterday!’. Claiming to be the online advertiser’s bane of sorts, the add-on is built to block most banners, popups and layer advertisements as well as disable video ads on YouTube. Originally designed for Firefox, this tool can claim a ticket to the popular extensions brigade with over 100 million downloads to boast about. Go ahead, give yourself a treat and make ‘browsing the web less taxing on both your computer and your sanity’.

2. Angry Birds: Need we explain ourselves here? If you take part in this bird flinging sport on your smartphone, tablet, iPod and every possible device, why leave out the game on your PC? Add this one from our list of 6 best Google Chrome extensions and make the green pigs pay for their transgressions. Depending on your connection speed, you can pick from the SD or HD mode and start pelting away at the vile critters. Rovio’s made sure no one feels sorry for the pigs – notice how they smirk each time you fail a level? That’s unwarranted provocation which can only compel you to try again.

 3. PanicButton: You’re playing Angry Birds and your boss sneaks up behind you? Hit the PanicButton, literally. One of the coolest add-ons we’ve come across, the utility hides all your open tabs the moment you click on the icon or any one of the keyboard shortcuts you’ve set for accessing it in a jiffy. The button can be asked to disappear from view once it activates and switches you to a safe page or pages, the last mentioned of which are customizable. So one moment you’re playing Angry Birds and the next instant, you researching that very important company project for tomorrow’s meeting.

4. Share Button: The social networking fiend within you obviously needs to share every interesting thing you bump into while surfing the web. There’s no other way out of it but to install this Google extension on your toolbar and start sharing to your heart’s content. The widget supports a lengthy list of services, 12 of which are displayed by default. You can stretch the drop down menu by 57 extra options. Check or uncheck the boxes to personalize the services you want to see upon invoking the Share Button from the toolbar and you’re good to go.

 5. Art Project: Back in February 2011, Google told everyone that they wouldn’t have to leave their seats in order to go on an art appreciation tour. The company collaborated with more than a dozen art museums from all across the world to bring us virtual tours of 385 rooms within the institutions involved in this venture. You can actually take a real life-like stroll through various museums and pretend you’re face to face with a Boticelli, Van Gogh, or Cezanne while absorbing the intricate details courtesy of gigapixel photo capturing technology. Glue the Art Project extension to your Chrome browser for easy access to some breathtaking and timeless works of art.

6. StayFocused: The web is an awesome place to visit when you need to research that work project thoroughly. Every bit of information and all the productivity tools you could possibly want are all accessible right from your desktop. Who are we kidding? You may start with the determination to finish a pending project or homework and end up doing everything but that. StayFocused comes to the rescue with a nagging ‘Shouldn’t you be working?’ after timing you out of sites you get to block yourself. Were you determined to stay on Facebook for 10 minutes only? The add-on will force you to do this and websites cannot be unblocked until the Daily Reset Time has passed. Check out the control options within the extension if you think you can cheat on this one.

Go ahead and take responsibility for what your browser can offer you. Browsing the web is all about the made to order experience these days. Experiment with the candidates in our list of the 6 best Google Chrome extensions and tell us about the ones that work for you.

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