Google Plus Could Become Luxury’s Platform of Choice

Buzz about Google Plus is fading as concerns about traffic decreases take hold, but a steady concentration of traffic from affluent demographics could create the perfect conditions for luxury marketers.

According to a recent study by Experian Hitwise, “prosperous, middle-aged married couples living child-focused lives in affluent suburbs” make up 2.9 percent of site visits on Google+. By contrast, this same demographic (profiled in the word cloud below) makes up less than 0.7 percent of Facebook visits.
Facebook will undoubtedly maintain its lion’s share hold over the social media market for the time being, but the prospect of a platform with such a comparatively high concentration of affluent users is worth noting.

The affluent demographic pictured above is more than four times more likely to visit Google Plus than the rest of the Internet population overall. Google’s release of brand pages will ultimately determine the fate of luxury’s fit on the platform, but early signs of seamless multimedia interaction and a minimal interface seem to bode well for the platform.

Even if Plus takes third place in social networking prominence behind Facebook and Twitter, luxury brands shouldn’t dismiss the platform as another social networking fizzle from Google.

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