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CircleCount started small fun project on the 6th of July are getting a great response from the visitors. So let’s take this special milestones (two months! ;) ) as a chance to present you some statistics about… you! :)

The first one won’t surprise the most of you, but it’s really interesting. More than the half of  visitiors are using Chrome as browser. That’s probably normal since talking here about Google+ and the Google Browser, but it’s showing also the growth of Google Chrome, which is now 3 years old.

The second image is showing where visitors come from. The leading country is USA. More interesting for a project coming from Germany, is that Germany took the second place, although  have started only in english and didn’t make any advertising specifically for Germany. The next countries in the Top 10 are asian countries (Taiwan, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand) and there are also two european countries more in the Top 10: France and Spain.

Get your CircleRank on your page :

Happy to launch the CircleRank Button. You can use it the same way as the Follower Button. With this new button you will get your CircleRank on your website.

The CircleRank is your position in the global ranking regarding the number of followers. This number is updated daily, so that you will have always the current CircleRank on your website.

By launching this new button we have updated our button-page so that you can easily create your button the way you need it. You can choose the
  • type (CircleRank or FollowerCounter)
  • style (light or dark)
  • technique (JavaScript or Image)
  • language (english, spanish, french or german)
 copy code

<div id='circlecount-button-circlerank'><script src='' type='text/javascript''></script></div>

Google+ ranking of the countries of Latin America :

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