Share your ‘circles’ with other Google Plus users

Google is rolling out a new feature on its social network that will let users share who’s in their “circles,” or friend groups, on the site.

Google Plus has become a way for people to follow favorite celebrities, talking heads in certain fields and other interesting folks, and users have been asking for a way to share those groups with one another. According to a post from software engineer Owen Prater, users can now do just that by choosing a circle, clicking the “share” option and commenting on that circle. Users can, of course, decide which circles they want to share that information with.

And there’s a bit of good news for users who’ve been a bit whimsical with their circle names — when you share a circle, you only share who’s in it, and not the name of the circle. So if someone is in your “Acquaintances” circle instead of your “BFF” circle, they’ll never have to know. Even if you share a circle, all subsequent edits are private. 

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