A Great Google Plus Directory

I keep hearing about people who say Google Plus is not worth my time and do not see the value in adding yet another social media site to my already booked time schedule.

The difference maker for me is Google Plus is tied to search and that really is the key for me.  Think about it, when you post information on Facebook, the information is stored, but how can you access it. You can perform a search on people and yes, Bing may capture some of the post information, but where are people going to really find out more about you and your company.

  • Do you want to see what type of people use Google Plus?
  • Would you like a breakdown by Male, Female, Occupation, etc.
  • Do you want to see some examples of a person’s posts on Google Plus before you decide to add them to your circles?   – Check out this site!!
On one page, you can see all of this information. In addition, you can perform your own marketing analysis to see what type of users are on Google Plus. This directory may help you decide the following:
  1. Are your clients using this platform and what are they posting about?
  2. Demographics with respect to people who have added their name to this directory
  3. Who are the popular people on Google Plus
Also, for you Twitter Users – Check out the Twitter2Plus button. Now you can add your favorite people you follow to your Google Plus Circles.

Another great search icon for Google Plus is the Google Chrome Extension Google Plus Search

Sidenote – Google Analytics
We are still in the beginning stages of all of this search functionality. I would really advise you to check out your Google Analytics profile and see how posts made in Google Plus are showing up in your analytics stream. Google will be evaluating our sites with respect to a social search metric.  If you want to make a difference on Google, you need to know these things. Here is an example of how these links are coming over.

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