Backup Your Google+ & Picasa Data Using Google’s Takeout Tool [On Google's Data Liberation Front, You Can Now Download All Of Your Google Plus & Picasa Data]

One part of social networking that many people worried about in the past was the ability to download any or all of your data that you’ve got stored in your profile. Google has a program they call “Data Liberation” and the latest iteration is TakeOut which allows you to download everything you’ve got saved in Google+ and Picasa.
The cool part is that you don’t have to be a crazy, tech-savvy hacker to make it all happen. Either go to or the cog menu when you’re in in Google Plus, go to Google+ setting and then the “Data Liberation” link. If you use the option from within the Google+ menu, you’ll be able to choose which services you want to download.

As Google+ quickly gains in popularity and keeps attempting to get the security part right, giving users flexibility with their data is one of the best moves to keep the people coming. Google, keep capitalizing on what Facebook‘s doing wrong.

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