ksoft Releases Plus One Reporter

Plus One Reporter is a powerful tool for automatically viewing the Google Plus +1 count for a bulk list of links.
Easily report on the popularity of your social networking links on Google Plus. Simply import an XML sitemap, text file, or any list of URLs. Then click the Report button to automatically load the Google Plus +1 Button counts for each URL in the list.
Save your Google+ +1 button count report as HTML, CSV, or plain text and enhance your productivity for SEO and social networking. Use Plus One Reporter regualrly to keep track of your Google Plus +1 button count statistics over time and to optimize your social networking popularity on Google Plus.
Plus One Reporter is the perfect Google Plus +1 and Google+ +1 Button Bulk Checker reporting tool to enhance the power of your SEO campaign!

Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Plus One Reporter is the fastest way to report on the Google Plus +1 button rank and count for a bulk list of URLs. Easily view Google Plus +1 count reports in HTML, CSV, or Text format for easy importing and inclusion in 3rd-party reporting or SEO software.

View a sample HTML Google+ +1 count report.
View a sample CSV Google Plus +1 count report.
Once you have added or imported your list of URLs, simply click the Report All button to load Google Plus +1 counts for each web page URL. A screen will display giving you the status as each URL is checked in Google+.
After the Google+ +1 link count has completed, a window will display allowing you to choose to save a report with the results. Select a directory location to save the report, enter a filename, and select the file type to save the report as. Available file types include HTML, CSV, and Plain Text.
You can use Plus One Reporter regularly to load your current Google Plus +1 link counts at any time. Simply run the software and click the Report All button to update the main window display with your latest values and +1 link counts.
Keeping track of your Google+ and Google Plus +1 link counts has never been easier. Download Plus One Reporter to start enhancing your social networking campaign with Google Plus +1 button counts today!

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