Photovine iPhone app joins the quest of Google Plus

Photovine join’s Google+ in the social networking game, but more photo-centric.

After launching the now-popular, but still limited Google Plus (or Google+), Google is back in the social networking arena with yet another service that should attract social networking fans that own an iOS-based device. Apparently, Google is the company behind the successful Android, so it is quite strange to see a Google product that is Apple exclusive.

The new Photovine app is now available in iTunes store, or the app store for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to the product’s description, Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before.
The new Photovine App works like a “virus” that starts with the “photovine.” A user can start a subject, like for example, Android, and will include a photo that should use the caption “Android,” friends or other users that have connections can add more photos with the same caption “Android.” A vine is not limited to one topic, and any Photovine app user can join any vine and add their photo/s. Any user can also see the photos from other users, either on vines, popular vines, etc. A Photovine user can also follow a person’s posts and automatically see new photos from the person.

Photovine is not sporting “Google” brand, but the team Slide that Google acquired a year ago is the team behind the new photo-sharing application. Experts believe that Google’s new strategy is to grow its social networking presence to compete against the social networking giant Facebook. Google launched the social networking site Google+ in June, and reports say the new Google subdomain is the fastest growing social networking site to date based on the increase of users and total number of visits and page views.

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