Celebrities Using Google Plus

We all know exactly how powerful social media can be for celebrities. The Kardashians are neck and neck with President Obama for number of Twitter followers. Lady Gaga moves an obscene amount of units and drives support for all kinds of movements (i.e. tsunami relief) with her 12.1 million Twitter fans.
But what about the newest big boy in the social media realm – Google Plus? If you’re like me, plenty of your friends are on the new platform, but not that many people are doing anything. How about in the celebrity world? Are Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian racking up millions of new followers on their Google Plus profiles?

CNN recently reported on a "celebrity acquisition" plan to get high-profile entertainment figures on the new platform, which would verify celeb profiles and recruit popular figures to participate more frequently.

Below we take a look at 10 of the biggest celebrity players in the social media world, and how they are using Google Plus. While there's plenty we don't know, we've come away feeling like it’s still the Wild West, that there’s still plenty of confusion, and that nobody is really owning their Google Plus presence like they could. Yet.

Celebrity Google Plus Accounts;

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