Google+ Friend Finder Helps You Find Family, Friend Profiles


Chrome add-on helps you find family and friends on Google Plus based on name, city, country, occupation, and more.

With Google+ slowly working its way into the social networking fabric of things there’s a rising need for a means to find profiles of family and friends also using the service.

Google Plus Friend Finder is a an app for Chrome that allows you to find people on Google+ by city, country, occupation and more. Dubbed, the “yellow pages” og Google+ profiles, the app is easy-to-use and lets you reconnect on the site.
One you find the person, select the “Google+ Profile” link and send them an email to add them to your circles. To make sure they are who you think, or hope they are, take a look at their profile, via the “Profile” link, and peruse some of their posts to double-check.
Stay tuned.

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