Google Plus Gets Ignore Option

Previously, Google Plus users were able to block people on Google+, which basically meant that those people would be removed from a user’s circles and would lose the ability to comment on a user’s content or view contents shared with that user’s circles.

Google Plus users are not notified that they have been blocked, but it is possible that they find out about it because of the restrictions that goes along with it.

The new ignore option is a lighter form of limiting what you see from a user on Google Plus. Google+ users won’t see posts of ignored users in their incoming stream, won’t get notifications about their activities and won’t see them on their circle page.

Ignoring basically hides the ignored user on Google Plus, while blocking removes the user and blocks interaction. Google has uploaded a video about the new ignore option and the existing block option.

Google Plus users can ignore other users from three different locations. The ignore option becomes available under notifications next to each user’s name there. 

Users can also be ignored directly from the incoming stream or from the circles page.
Google has built-in an option to remove the ignore again. This is done under More Actions on the Circles page.

The ignore option is not yet available for my account, which indicates that Google is rolling out the new feature gradually.

Blocking people on Google Plus makes sense, as you may need that option to remove spammers and annoying users completely. Ignoring on the other hand feels like a strange addition. What’s the difference between ignoring a user and not adding the user to your circles? Is it the notifications part that gets blocked out when a user posts a comment or mentions you? There is actually a third option available for users, the mute post option.

This is again different from ignore and block, as it only mutes a specified post on Google Plus.

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