Google Plus and Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg Agree: Pseudonyms Have No Place Online - Reputation Management Authority CEO James Schramko Says It Is Not So Clear Cut

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 18, 2011 

Google's controversial move to ban the use pseudonyms on Google Plus has sparked debates and outrage in the online community, especially since a number of reports that came out stated that several accounts registered under fake names have been reinstated. In a surprising statement earlier this month, Randi Zuckerberg, Marketing Director of Facebook and sister to the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was quoted saying "I think anonymity on the internet has to go away" echoing statements made about a year ago by Google's former CEO, Eric Schmidt. Renowned internet marketer and CEO of James Schramko, says things are never that simple. He explains further:

"Completely taking away the right to speak anonymously could expose a lot of people to security risks and possibly to life-threatening situations. Information dissemination should remain on a need-to-know basis, and there are things that other people don't need to know."

As illustrated in a report on TNW, two separate Bahraini anti-government activists shared opposing views on anonymity: one choosing to reveal himself for credibility reasons - which came at a price, while the other chose anonymity as his ally for security reasons.

In a report yesterday on The Sydney Morning Herald, Cisco is facing a lawsuit filed by Chinese dissidents who were allegedly captured and tortured for several years by the Chinese government. The group of more than 10 plaintiffs claim that Cisco aided the CCP in developing technology that would help track and censor all internet traffic to and from China, suppressing the right to freedom of speech in favor of an oppressive regime.

"Imagine what oppressive governments could do had they access to everyone's names online." says Schramko.

In a different story, a looter in Manchester who [is assumed to have] used his real name on Facebook was arrested by police after bragging on Facebook that he couldn't be caught. A separate story showed a 16-year-old boy brought into custody for allegedly inciting riots on Facebook and several other people were arrested for inciting violence over Twitter.

"Lately, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have become instrumental in bringing some criminals to justice, though this still does not justify sacrificing the safety of those fighting a good fight." says Schramko.
In business matters, Schramko says that the absence of anonymity and the fear of legal ramifications may prevent the spread of malicious content over the web by shady competitors. He adds "Consumers, who sometimes may (or may not) have valid reasons to publicly voice their opinions about a brand or service, will in some cases be forced to think twice and choose their words more carefully under their real names - if they are smart that is."

"I am stressing the words 'in some cases' because people do stupid things on the internet with their real names all the time. It gets them fired, or it gets them rejected during job applications. Businesses get ruined by slander more often than we know. Forcing the zero-anonymity policy, however, is not the solution and endangers other individuals needlessly. Ultimately, the choice to reveal one's identity should be a personal one and not a decision forced upon us. For now, if you've done something regrettable and irreversible over internet, or your business is suffering from unfair and unwanted media exposure, turning to reputation management companies like Reputation Management Authority is your best bet in cleaning up the mess."

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Reputation Management Service that specializes in putting forward the other side of the story which takes advantage of a highly advanced system developed and tested by online business expert, James Schramko. RMA was not available to the public until recently. 

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