A look at Google Bothell (and who will work there)

Plans filed with the City of Bothell for the second floor of the new Google office space show a call center format.
Google's new digs in Bothell look like they'll be more like a traditional office than a space for the famously easy-going company.

Plans filed with the Bothell Community Development Department for the building, located at 11831 North Creek Parkway in the Schnitzer Tech Campus, show that the 59,665 square foot building will hold up to 840 Googlers, mostly in a call center format.
Google plans to use the new Bothell offices for a call center, according to plans filed with the city.

Most of the space will be taken up with rows of workspaces, holding the majority of the Bothell employees. On the first floor will be an employee café (a standard for tech companies) as well as workspace for 324 employees in the main workspace, plus space for another 60 administrators. The second floor will hold 516 employees and includes multi-person offices and a couple of conference rooms.

According to the plans filed with the city, it also appears like Google may be attempting to receive LEED certification.

The first floor includes a cafe and seating for 324 people. The shaded area on the left will be the nearly 6,000-square foot cafeteria. 
Google has operations in Kirkland as well, and those offices look a lot like the company's Mountain View, Calif. headquarters - features there include an indoor climbing wall, pool tables and a private gym.

The Bothell offices will be located just off of I-405 and is just across the highway from the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College campuses.

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